this isnt going to be a back-tracking, up-until-now nyc update. i'll get to that soon. for now, i just want to share with you some happy news!

i've been trying to not let things here get me down. yeah, i am broke. yeah, i had to break down and borrow money from a couple of people that were generous enough to help (even though i feel like they need it just as much as i do). i am beyond grateful to them. and with their help, I AM LIVING IN NYC! i knew it wasn't going to be easy right away. my huge savings that was going to allow me to float into NY with such ease, was drained by all of my medical turbulence over the last year and a half.

yeah, so, i am broke, but i am enjoying my new life. maybe not "new"... just "improved". that sounds better. like i said, i'll delve into all the deeper stuff some other time.

what was i saying?!

i got a job at crumbs bake shop. i absolutely love the people and i sell cupcakes all day, so how bad of a job can it be?! right?! i get about 35 hours a week. 
(they dont allow overtime, so i might be looking for a small side job at some point. i am still trying for the aspca... that'll be a different update.)

my boss has been wicked flexible with my schedule so that i can make it to my rock n roll shows! many of the musicians/comics i have been fortunate enough to see on a regular basis, have been super duper sweet and welcoming. over the last 3 years when i would visit, after the shows it always seemed to be - ME: "great show!" MUSICIAN: "thanks!" - and then i would wander back to my hotel. now that i live here, i feel like i am becoming more accepted. i'm getting hugs rather than hand shakes. (i cant begin to tell you what a great feeling that one little difference makes in my heart.) i feel like most musicians/comics are realizing i am not just a fan that is cramming in shows while on vacation... i am a devoted follower, supporter, and admirer of what they do. a bunch of them have been introducing me to new people at shows and i am making some good acquaintances that i hope become great friends.

i am currently subleasing from friends (anna and rachel) of a friend (lauren). our lease is up in march. anna and rachel have planned on moving out of this apartment and finding a place for just the 2 of them in a "nicer" part of brooklyn, or manhattan. i do not want to renew this apartment lease on my own and 1) have to find two new roommies to fill it or 2) still live in this neighborhood. don't get me wrong... it isn't scary or anything like that... it just doesn't have many (any) conveniences. i want a neighborhood i can enjoy! i have been spreading the word that i am apartment/roommie hunting, but nothing promising has presented itself. my friend lauren is super sweet and we always have fun, so i asked her about living together (she currently has a miserable roommie situation) but she already has plans for her next roommie/move. so, that sent me back to craigslist and junk roommie sites. such a headache.

well, last night when i returned home from a sensational ego puppets show, anna was telling me about a spectacular apartment that she and rachel found in park slope. for those of you unfamiliar with nyc/brooklyn... park slope is (i'm told) the bee's knees. anna said that since we all get along so well, she and rachel were wondering if i would like to move with them to this fabulous apartment in park slope!!! i believe i contained my excitement quite well, but inside i was doing cartwheels of relief! this would be so wonderful! anna and rachel have already seen the apartment... but they want me to go back with them this evening to see it for myself and, if we all agree, fill out the necessary paperwork to make it ours!

to sum it up:
i sell cupcakes all day with people i enjoy being around then i go to live rock n roll shows at night. i get along so well with my current roommies that they have asked if i would like to move with them to a lovely apartment in a marvelous neighborhood. (there are a couple of other things that are making me smile, but i'm not jinxing them with publicity.)

all of that being said...

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