Most of you know that a few weeks ago I was miserably sick in bed with a 3 day fever of 102. Aaand that during that sickness, I still had to take care of my dogs which meant walking them... and at one point while doing so, I got dizzy and fell down the stairwell in my apartment complex. I bruised some ribs and my elbow pretty badly. Elbow, really?! Yes... and my elbow *still* hurts.

Well, it's really no secret that I have been operating on minimal sleep. (here is the short version of what happened)

I had the doggie job orientation Tuesday (the 22nd) afternoon. Then I worked at the bake shop from 2p-11p. I got home about midnight... and had to be up by 330a to open the bake shop Wednesday morning. So, I napped a couple hours, then worked at the bake shop until 2p. Accidentally fell asleep on the subway home. Woke up in time for my stop. Got off the subway with my hands in my coat pockets. Proceeded to walk up the stairs. Next thing I knew I was flat on my chest on the stairwell and people were trying to help me up and asking if I was okay. Since my hands were in my pockets, I couldn't break my own fall. So, I fell full force, like a timbering tree, face first against the cement stairs. To top it off, this stairwell has the metal foot plates that stick out about an inch. I was very lucky not to have hit my face against the edge of the step. Instead, I hit my upper arms and chest. My manubrium, to be specific. I was calling it my sternum before... clearly I didn't pay enough attention during anatomy. (but the manubrium is considered part of the sternum, it is just the specific name for the upper portion.)

I have been looking for no-insurance health care... but keep getting turned away or being told that I have to apply with social services and if they determine I am eligible for free medical clinic then it will take about a week to get an appointment. Well, that doesn't really help me now. So, I'm resorting to online health care. This is the consensus I've found...

"Symptoms will be swelling, bruising, tenderness and pain when moving, breathing, laughing, coughing as well as any other activity that requires movement of the chest.  In short, the individual will likely be in near continuous pain for up to four weeks during healing.  Since breathing is a necessity, the area will always be called into action although many people resort to taking short breaths in attempts to alleviate the pain.  As severe symptoms can create other disorders and even infections due to shallow breathing, a doctor should always be consulted when any injury to the sternum has occurred.

Treating the bruise may include rest, icing the area, taking anti-inflammatory medications and taking pain medications.  In addition, the doctor may wish to have a chest x-ray to accurately determine the damage that has been done."

Yay. So... that is that. I am in pain, but doing the best I can. Yeah, I bitch and moan about it... sorry if I am annoying. With all of my past health issues, surgeries, and medical treatments you would think I would be more tolerant of pain... nope... pain is pain and it still hurts.

So, there you have it. Long story short version. I'll be posting updates soon about my dogters, apartment situation, and new job stuff. For now, I need to get ready for work!

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambles.
Much love.
Be well.

Sorry kids,
You don't get any chest injury photos. Just so you know, this is the smallest bruise.
3/3/2011 01:00:34 am

Dammit girl. You're not supposed to mug yourself.

9/20/2021 11:20:27 pm

Good reeading


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